Report: EIR client satisfaction survey results

Is hiring spend management consultants worth it?

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LexisNexis, Westlaw and other electronic information resources run hundreds of thousands of dollars annually in subscription costs for large law firms and other enterprises.

But, is hiring spend management consultants from LAC Group really worth it?

Our clients say yes.

A recent satisfaction survey solicited feedback on areas such as:

  • The quality of work provided
  • The client’s likelihood of renewing their contract
  • The program’s ability to meet their cost-saving needs

As research tools become more diverse and sophisticated, and information needs become more strategic, it’s crucial to have the right mix. Research is rarely a billable expense anymore for law firms, so it’s wasteful and profit-draining to pay for redundant services or the wrong resources.

Discover which of our EIR program services were ranked as most important:

  • Identifying cost-saving opportunities with portfolio assessment
  • Benchmarking contract performance for cost per unit and cost per user
  • Re-balancing resources and optimizing contract utilization
  • Evaluating support for new research resources and technologies

Learn from our clients—your peers in legal services.

They’ll tell you about the value they get from LAC Group’s spend management service for electronic information resources.