Spend categories

Optimizing spend across 13 core expense categories


Information management and technology

Information and research subscriptions: Optimize research and eliminate redundancies that drive excessive costs.

IT equipment and services: Upgrade outdated infrastructure and make new investments with ongoing spend management support.

SaaS / cloud computing: Manage your investments to continue gaining the promised savings and efficiencies of cloud computing.

Telecommunications: Give your mobile and distributed workforce the communication support they need with the best pricing.



Energy / utilities: Keep the lights on with access to our tactics and experience in managing energy costs.

Maintenance (MRO): Monitor and reduce recurring costs for maintenance and repairs.

Office products: Prevent those little office supplies like pens and sticky notes from becoming big expenses.


Human resources

Background / drug screening: Screen all candidates and re-screen some employees regularly while managing this growing cost burden.

Payroll and staffing: Determine your best options while controlling payroll and other HR expenses.

operating workflow

Operating services

Business uniforms and linens: Reduce uniform, linen and protective clothing costs while staying on-brand and compliant with safety regulations.

Printing and copying: If you see paper in your offices, you’re seeing costs that could be eating away at profits.

Shipping: Assess your options to reduce shipping expenses without jeopardizing delivery expectations.

Treasury management: Keep more money in your treasury with our financial services expertise.

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